Isabella Ferguson – Editor

Second year, BSc Geography

Hi, I’m Issy and I’m a second year Geography student. This is my first year editing for the Brycgstowe Magazine.  I am particularly interested in climate change within Law and the development of spatial technologies and can’t wait to translate this into my work on the team! I’m excited to take up the the role and continue the amazing work that has been put into the Magazine. We would also love to incorporate any of your submissions in upcoming editions, so don’t hesitate to send them in!

Tilly Powell – Editor

Second year, BSc Geography

Hi I’m Tilly! I’m in my second year at Bristol and am really excited to be working on the magazine this year. I wrote an article for Brycgstowe last year, but I’m hoping to publish some even better content this coming year. My favourite areas of geography are the physical elements such as climate change and sustainability, and I would love to work in conservation to help protect and preserve our environment. I love reading and hope to bring out some more book reviews and recommendations!

Alex Lane – Editor

Second year, BSc Geography

Hi, I’m Alex and I am a second-year geographer and Brycgstowe editor. My interests lie in political and economic geography, therefore I hope to bring a human-geography balance to the content published in Brycgstowe this year. We aim to foster a synergistic balance between the human and the physical so that our articles continue to appeal to all readers as they have done in previous years. In order to do this, we welcome submissions.

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