Open call for submissions

Help celebrate 100 years of Geography at the University of Bristol

From the editors: As centenary celebrations continue at our beloved School of Geographical Sciences, there is still one piece missing: Brycgstowe. In print from 1965 to 1987, the publication of the University of Bristol Geography Society has endured one false start after another over the years, as legions of eager editors realise that actually bringing a magazine to print is a daunting task. Legitimate excuses like deadlines, Lounge, and COVID-19 aside, we are hoping that this will be the year that the magazine returns to its former glory.

We aim to gather a wide variety of content, from articles to interviews, photographs, illustrations, and maps. Taking cues from the discipline, we also hope to represent a wide variety of styles and viewpoints, from a variety of voices– honoured professors, quarantined freshers, and everyone in between and beyond. Anything goes*. We are excited to hear what ideas or pieces you all have, feel free to send them our way! And if you’re all at interested in helping out with the magazine itself with design or editing, we would love to have you on board.

Issy Ferguson, Tilly Powell and Alex Lane, editors

Get in touch with us as at or individually with ideas, pieces, requests or hate.

*very much subject to our editorial discretion